Frostpunk – the city survival game you desire to play on your console – will land on Xbox One and Playstation 4 on October 11th!

Hello there, citizens of the last city on Earth!

Without further ado, let us announce the official release date of Frostpunk on consoles: on the 11th of October the game will land on platforms of Xbox One and Playstation 4. Jump into the trailer to get the proper mood.

There will be pre-orders soon on Xbox and PS4 stores and upon the release a retail box version is going to be available, prepared by our friends from Merge Games. More info about the box edition is to be found here.

Finally, we know many of you are wondering about the new stuff in Frostpunk. We are working on it. Be patient, we’re going to unveil more soon.

By the way, Children of Morta got its release date too! PC version is going to debut on the 3rd of September, and a console version a bit after that, on the 15th of October for all the platforms – Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. See the trailer here!