Update 1.1.1 | Extreme Difficulty Settings

Hello there, Citizens!

We bring you another update based on your suggestions! A lot of you tried Frostpunk on the Survivor Mode and succeeded (congrats!). Some of you, however, wanted to play the game on this really hard difficulty – but with the option to pause the game and use the save slots as you would in a regular playthrough. We decided to give you this option – so now you can customize your difficulty settings even more!


New features:

  • We’ve added Extreme Difficulty level based on Survivor Mode
    • Now you can play every scenario on the hardest difficulty without the need to turn on the Survivor Mode – so you still have the option to pause the game and save it normally.

Smaller changes and balancing:


  • Fixed crash in the Economy Panel
  • Fixed visual glitch in settings menu
  • Fixed and enabled Ansel in the Survivor Mode
  • Minor fixes in translations
  • Fixed issue where wrong icons were showing on buildings in various situations
  • Additional minor tweaks and fixes

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