Update 1.2.0 | The Fall of Winterhome

The Fall of Winterhome, a story-driven, free expansion for Frostpunk, is available now!

DLC’s narrative unveils the events preceding those in the main campaign, where players might have discovered the ruined town of Winterhome. The scenario tells what had happened in the town before catastrophe struck.

The Fall of Winterhome offers hours of brand-new content, new visuals and most importantly a new take on Frostpunk’s mechanics. Players will get the chance to roam around a new map and reveal lore about the frozen wasteland they live in-game. What is the truth behind The Fall of Winterhome?


  • hours of brand-new content, revealing the story of a fallen city.
  • unique map with fresh visuals
  • original lore to discover
  • new mechanics, buildings and more!

Watch the Official The Fall of Winterhome Story Trailer here:


  • New scenario added: The Fall of Winterhome
  • Brazilian Portuguese language version added
  • Turkish language version added
  • Intro subtitles added
  • Easier scenario unlocks: now all scenarios are unlocked after playing the first scenario for 20 game days
  • Save and load menus have been changed slightly; it should be easier to manage your save data now
  • AI and graphics optimization
  • Fixed a bug which prevented dilemmas from appearing
  • Urban Planner achievement conditions fix
  • Golden Path achievement description update: now it properly describes the achievement unlock conditions
  • Several crashes were fixed, including one involving Quick Saving the game
  • Fixed problems related to muting and unmuting the sound in the game
  • Many minor fixes and improvements

Watch the Official The Fall of Winterhome Dev Diary here:


  1. It’s a brand new scenario! Is it really free? Why?
    • Yes, it is totally free. Because we love you.
  2. Wait a second. This scenario was called “Builders” before! What’s up with that?!
    • Good that you are so observant! But the situation is pretty simple – “Builders” was more of a code name, we didn’t want to spoil too much by revealing the title too soon.
  3. What about the future updates? When are they going to arrive?
    • Next big update is the long awaited and highly requested Endurance Mode! It’s going to be available for this year. For free, of course.
  4. Are you guys still working on This War of Mine – Stories DLCs?
    • It’s not exactly a Frostpunk-related question but yes – we are still totally working on TWOM DLCs. A separate team is responsible for that – so you don’t have to worry that Frostpunk updates are somehow interfering with TWOM updates. We’re going to announce new stuff as soon as we’re ready. But you are smart and you already know how we work, right? 😉

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The City Must Survive – but the Winterhome Must Fall.