Update 1.3.1 | Fixes

Hello there, Citizens!

We’ve gathered a lot of feedback since the last update – thanks for contacting us on Steam, Reddit, Facebook, via support email and other channels! Thanks to you we’ve been able to fix some issues and optimize some features. Find the full list below!


  • Fixed achievements “Master Archivist” and “By the Sweat of their Brow”
  • Fixed crash when getting automaton from Frostland site
  • Fixed an issue when loading the game could stop the storm from spawning again
  • Fixed an issue when loading the game would change storm position
  • Fixed an issue when scouts would not die during storms
  • Shadow system optimization and fixes
  • Many different upgrades and fixes to Economy Panel
  • Some translation fixes for the Russian language
  • Fixed display issues in Brazilian language
  • Added missing texts for Turkish and Brazilian language
  • Fixed display issues when changing camera level
  • Fixed an issue with the quest “A piece of the past” which made it start infinite amount of times
  • Additional minor fixes and optimizations

We know that updates are about fixing stuff but sometimes – unexpected things happen. That’s why we’ve created this email address: techsupport@11bitstudios.com  – don’t hesitate to use it! Contact us about any bugs/crashes that you encounter.

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